Advanced Kettlebell Workout, Day 2


Find the 6-7RM for each exercise. Do multiple sets of 1-5reps.
Total volume per exercise between 40-60 reps. Each workout try to do better at least in one zone

Zone 1 (20 min)
A1 Double KB Military Press
A2 Weighted Rings Pullups

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Advanced Kettlebell Workout for Legs and Back, Day 1

Get your lower body and back in shape! Your core and conditioning will improve as well.

Follow this program for 6 weeks and enjoy your new body!

Originally created by great Strength and Conditioning Coach Charles Staley (EDT program)- we have some modification from original concept.

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Melissa after six month at the Underground Gym

Melissa originally came to us to fix her back, yet in the process, she not only lost weight, got a lot stronger and more agile, but she completely transformed herself into a solid athlete. Watch this interview and some of the highlight footage of her training and get inspired to get fit and healthy! Way to go Melissa, we are very proud of your accomplishments!

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Swing and Squat Variations with Kettlebells

Coach Sergei Karaliou demonstrates the following kettlebell squat and swing variations:

  • Two Handed Swing
  • Goblet Squat
  • Single Arm Swing
  • Single Rack Front Squat
  • Double Swing
  • Double Front Squat

All great exercises to get your strength, power and stamina to improve if you perform them correctly. These kettlebell exercise variations work the lower body and the posterior chain hard, along with your core and grip. Lungs and heart get a nice workout as well.

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Practical Fighting System: Example of a Street Attacking Combination

Example of an attacking combination for hand to hand combat:

Kick — Punch — Takedown — Control — Finish

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Unconventional Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training For Multi-Plane Strength

17 Kettlebell and Bodyweight Exercises to Enhance Your Functional Strength!

Conventional VS Unconventional

  1. Two Handed Swing
  2. Slingshot
  3. Uppercut Flip
  4. Double Clean & Jerk
  5. Rotational Split Clean & Press aka Greg’s Clean & Press
  6. Split Palm Clean & Press
  7. One Arm Snatch
  8. One Arm Split Snatch
  9. Double Military Press
  10. Double Split Sots Press
  11. Double Front Squat
  12. 360 Front Squat Shin Roll
  13. Turkish Get Up
  14. Systema Get Up aka Spiral Get Up
  15. Ring Muscle Up
  16. Rotational Muscle Up
  17. Bonus: Rotational Ice Cream Makers

“Unconventional” training does not make “conventional” functional lifts and exercise bad to do — quite the opposite, one needs a strong foundation of classical strength training, such as Clean & Jerk, Squats, Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, etc. However, once the base is established one needs to branch out and make strength training more specific to what they do (to fighting, climbing and combat acrobatics movements in my case) — this way this strength will be more applicable.


Greg Mihovich

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Core Training Series, Basic Kettlebell Workout

Coach Sergei Karaliou is at it again, delivering a straight forward core workout with one kettlebell, utilizing basic core training principals from Compound Conditioning Training Philosophy.

Workout structure:

1) Flexion — Kettlebell Overhead Sit Up

2) Extension / Hinging / Central Body Pulling — Kettlebell Swing

3) Rotation / Counter-rotation — Kettlebell Around The World Pass

Try this workout and let us know how it goes. Contact us to train with us in person or via online training.


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Sample Kettlebell Workout with one bell

You can get a tremendous training session with just one kettlebell and a few basic exercises. Many training objectives could be accomplished, including muscle building, fat loss and conditioning. The video above breaks down and demonstrates a sample of such a training session.

One Bell Practice Session Outline:

  1. Halo 5 ES
  2. Two Handed Swing 10
  3. Rear Goblet Lunge 5 ES
  4. Two Handed Swing 10
  5. Kettlebell Bent Over Row 5 ES


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Basic Variations of Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swings are superb and so good for you on so many levels, including:

  • Impact-free high intensity conditioning that works hard the heart, lungs and the body general but in a bio-mechanically correct manner and yet with minimal stress on the knees, which is a huge hidden bonus, as it let’s people with hurt knees get into great shape
  • Great posterior chain (hamstrings-glutes-spinal erectors-traps) development that is specific for so many different things, from keeping upright and sprinting hard to looking better naked
  • Amazing attribute development exercise in such skills as jumping, sprinting, kicking, landing and lifting
  • Incredible core training exercise that solidly reinforces the abs/glutes connection, while turning your midsection into a highly detailed anatomy atlas

The video below by Coach Sergei Karaliou will build up on the skills outlined in Two Handed Kettlebell Swing Tutorial posted earlier and progress to some other basic, yet very productive, variations of Kettlebell Swing.

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Breathing 101: Nasal Breathing

Breathing with your nose most of the time is vastly superior to breathing with your mouth for a variety of health and performance reasons. Check out the video below to get a few key breathing exercises to master nasal breathing and to improve your health, well-being and athletic performance.

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