Foam Roller Exercises

One of the simple, affordable and beneficial tools for your recovery is the Foam roller.

It works great before and after your training session!

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Most Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes

In this Video coach Sergei Karaliou talks about most common Kettlebell Swings Mistakes and ways to fix it.

Thousands of articles, blog posts and video material was done on Kettlebell Swing. Read More

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Either you a fighter, gymnast, weightlifter or fitness enthusiast – you might find yourself with some shoulder pain or discomfort after your training sessions.

It could be multiple reasons of your shoulder pain: poor mobility of your shoulders or thoracic spine, lack of stability for pressing patterns and overhead lockouts, lack of strength of rotator cuff and so on.

It is always important to find out what is the real cause of your shoulder pain- so your doctors advise is important and critical in your recovery. Read More

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Practical Fighting System: Street Combat Combination Example 3


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Kevin – 2 Years of Personal Training program with Underground Gym.

Kevin is a physical therapist with 30 years of experience. He is training with our team for more than 2 years now.

After surgical procedure on his knee his activity changed – Underground Gym was able to Read More

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Your Standing Warm Up and Joint Mobility

It was part of John F Kennedy Physical Fitness For Schools program in beginning of sixties of last century.

In good and bad Soviet Union it was a MUST in educational institutions and government organizations.

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One Kettlebell Workout Routine

Kettlebell Workout Routine for Fitness & Weight Loss (Beginner Level)-
another variation of riding your Kettlebell.

This Workout Routine might take you anywhere from 15-50 min, depending on level of your strength and conditioning. We tested this Routine throughout the time – and it works like MAGIC!- Now its yours!

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Kettlebell Core Finisher

Coach Sergei Karaliou demonstrates how to implement Kettlebell into your workout routine to smoke your core!

Start with the Kettlebell that you can swing 10 repetitions for One Arm Swing.

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Captain Cummings, 3 years personal training at Underground Gym

Richard Cummings is one the most dedicated, hard working and positive members of the Underground Gym.

In this interview, he shares his experience with our personal training program, as well as shares bits of his philosophy, that made him the man he is today — the man that we all are proud of.

The video also highlights Captain Cumming performing some resistance training and mobility training.

It is an honor to train you Captain Cummings, we love working with motivated people like you Students like you inspire me as a coach and a practitioner. Keep moving, keep learning, keep applying… Rinse and repeat…

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Advanced Kettlebell Workout, Day 2


Find the 6-7RM for each exercise. Do multiple sets of 1-5reps.
Total volume per exercise between 40-60 reps. Each workout try to do better at least in one zone

Zone 1 (20 min)
A1 Double KB Military Press
A2 Weighted Rings Pullups

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