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Have you been training for some time without making any progress? 

It is all about to change once you take advantage of my

Personalized Online Training Program!

What will you get when you sign up:

  • Professionally Designed Personalized Training Program specific to your goals and available equipment
  • Personalized Training Video with clear demonstrations of each exercise in the program
  • Unlimited Coaching Support via email
  •  Accountability via submitting your Training Journal
  •  Results for all your hard work, because you will be guided and monitored by a Professional Coach


Do you have time to test a dozen different generic programs copied from a magazine and see if they would work for you? Are you going to be accountable for sticking to the program?

They say that if you keep doing what you have been doing than you will keep accomplishing what you have been accomplishing. If you have been training hard all this time, yet without much results to speak of, or may be you hit a wall and all the progress ceased it is time to do something different.

And trust me, the Personalized Programs that I personally design and implement here, at The Underground Gym, are nothing but DIFFERENT from what you have seen before. But the main thing is that they work! And what is also very important is that I will hold you accountable for the progress that you will make!

Not only you will have a personalized blueprint for your training success from a seasoned Fitness Professional, your training now will be supervised, adjusted if needed and you will be accountable for your progress! What is coming next?

Results, results, results…


How does the program work

Choose and pick a program below and upon receiving a notification of the payment I will contact you and send you a questioner that you will need to feel out and send back to me. That questioner will get the information I need in order to design a Custom Training Program for you specific goals. If I need any additional information I will email you.

It will take me three to four days to put together an Individualized Training Program for you. It will take me that much time because I put a lot of thinking and research into creating Custom Programs for my clients. You will receive the your Personalized Training Program immediately upon completion. You are expecting and paying for the best training service possible, right? Than have some patience and it will be worth every penny.

As soon as you start the Program that I will send you, you have to email me your Training Journal every Saturday. That will hold you accountable for the implementation of the Program. It will also allow me to monitor your Program and your progress closely and make adjustments if necessary.

If you do not email me your weekly Training Journal do not expect a reminder from me. I am not a baby sitter, I am a Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach that gets results! Results is what you are paying me for, not babysitting.

As for the Training Journal itself — write down your exercises, sets, reps, total workout time and how do you feel on that particular workout. Keep it as simple as possible (MC Word will do). Just getting into the habit of keeping a Training journal is priceless: how do you expect to know how your business is doing if you don’t keep any records?

You will have access to me throughout the duration of the program via email to answer any possible questions. I always respond to my clients a timely manner.


Why my Personalized Online Training works

1) The Training Programs that I will personally design for you are customized to you goals, objectives, past and current injuries, equipment availability, sleep amount, nutrition, time availability and commitment level. In other words it will be centered around YOU and YOUR NEEDS. You will make ten times the amount of progress on a Individualized Training Program than on a generic one from a magazine.

2) Through the use of the weekly Training Journal you will be held accountable to me and yourself. If something is not going to be working we will find out what and fix it. You are not by yourself anymore!

3) You get what you are paying for. I saw it again and again: when somebody is paying for a professional service they tend to take it seriously and put the information and services they are getting towards achieving great results. When I put my friends into Small Group Training sessions which I teach at The Underground Gym (and I don’t charge my friends) they tend not to value what’s given to them, do not pay enough attention and, as a result don’t reap the same benefit. You will be paying me, a Professional Strength & Conditioning coach for getting you the top notch results? That is what you will get!

4) With me monitoring your Training Journal on the weekly basis you will have a natural desire to improve. You think it will feel great to send me week to week the same numbers? No, you will strive to improve every week! Together we will blast through your previous bests and achieve your training goals!

5) I don’t create boring workouts. At The Underground gym we are all about results and having fun while at it. Your workouts are going to be fun and drastically different from anything you might have experienced before! That means that it will be easy for you to be motivated and stay on track to your goals!

6) Your program is going to be professionally designed and that means well balanced. It will cover your weaknesses just as much as your strengths. That will ensure your continuous multidimensional development for years to come, as well as greatly reduced number of potential injuries.

7) Your workouts are going to be custom tailored to your equipment availability. No equipment — no problem! Bodyweight only workouts are my specialty. Kettlebells — great! Nobody will design a better kettlebell workout for you than a Russian with years of experience with “the balls”! You only have a barbell, you belong to the gym, you travel a lot, you want to mix different means and modalities — no problem again! The bottom line is: no matter what equipment you have, how you use is what is the most important.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is your Three Month Program just one program with three month of support and consulting?

No, your program will change every month to avoid stagnation and to ensure continuous progress. Plus, YOU WILL PROGRESS and therefore you will need more difficult exercises.

Do I need to belong to the gym in order to follow your Training Programs?

No, we will make the best use of the equipment that you already have, including your own bodyweight. However it will all depend on your training goals. For example, if you want to get huge and strong you will need more than a pair of twenty pound dumbbells and an exercise mat.

Do you offer nutritional advice and is it included in the program?

I will certainly make appropriate suggestions and recommendations based upon your answered to the questioner, but you program does not include a personal meal plan from A to Z.

What if I don’t know the exercises that you prescribe to me?

I will send you a personally made video of it. Also, if any exercises will not fit, for example you are afraid of deadlifts, no matter what benefits of it I tell you about, I will prescribe you something else.

Can I call you to ask questions about the program?

I prefer to communicate via email, as it is more efficient for both of us.

Are your programs appropriate for women?

Off course they are. I have successfully trained and still train a lot of female clients. My training programs with emphasis on the core and hips, as well as fat loss are great for women. Here is an example below:

If I don’t have a credit card and a Pay Pal account can I send you a check?

Sure. My address is:

Greg Mihovich

46 Newman Spring Road East,

Red Bank, NJ, 07701




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